Pension Fund Advisory 

“Our internal Property Managers need to think like Asset Managers; it’s not easy to find this combination of skills. We ran a career ad in the business section of the city newspaper for $4,500.00. We received more than 400 resumes however not a single respondent was qualified. We figured we would need to engage a recruiting agency but opted to try this service. The system generated 50 resumes,10 were a bit too senior for the role but 5 met the criteria. We hired a Property Manager and now have a tickle file of ten very capable Property Managers to call upon for the next hire. Through a recruiting agency, this hire would have cost $18,750.00, we paid less than $6,500.00.” 

Senior VP Asset Management

Developer – Community Retail 

“We required a junior/intermediate level retail leasing representative to lease a portfolio of our suburban food anchored strip malls. At our HR department’s suggestion we engaged this service to broadcast the job into the regional leasing community, and to short-list the response on our behalf. We were charged an ad placement fee for the ad campaign and a time and materials charge by the employment consultant for vetting the response. We also asked the Consultant to meet with a candidate that had been referred through our personal network. The Consultant ultimately recommended our internal candidate, however we could have easily hired two of the three candidates he short-listed from the ad campaign. Through a recruiting firm, this exercise would have cost us approximately $25,000.00. We paid less than $10,000.00” 

VP Retail Leasing

National Park 

“For more than six months we sought a Manager of Procurement that understood real estate development and construction management. We’re required to publically post our positions but had no success with our advertising; nor did we have the budget to engage a recruiting firm. Working together, TalentSelect’s Interactive Marketing Team crafted a job profile and marketing campaign to maximize web views on job boards and job aggregators. TalentSelect’s Research Team generated a list of procurement specialists who would receive a letter directing them to the job posting. Within 4 weeks we had a short-list of five very capable candidates. Our cost for this complete campaign including the added research and face to face vetting of the response was under $12,000.” 

President & CEO



Acqusitions Development

Asset Management


Building Services





Human Resources

Information Technology

Investment Banking

Investment Management

Leasing & Sales



Property Management

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